How to check your Ad Performance

Our 'Ad Performance' feature gives you a great overview of how people are interacting with your ad. To view your ads statistics simply sign in to your account.

Your 'Ad Performance' section will appear under the “Your ad stats” tab on the Manage Ad page.

If you have more than one boat for sale, use the ‘Back to other ads’ button on the top left-hand side of the screen to select the ad you’re interested in.

Please note: If your ad is a ‘Free’ listing, you will not have access to ad performance statistics. To access ad performance statistics, you will need to upgrade your ad from the ‘Improve your ad’ tab on the Manage Ad page.

Click here for hints and tips on ways you can improve your ad performance


Result views: the number of times your ad has appeared in search results.

Detail views: the number of times someone has clicked on your ad in the search results.

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