What should I know before selling my boat?

You've listed your boat on boatsales but now what?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your boat for sale and give you the best chance of selling quickly and at your ideal price

  • Give your boat a good clean: It’s important that your boat looks its very best while you’re in the process of selling. Remove any personal items from your boat and consider spending a bit of extra money on a professional detail clean.

  • Make sure your boat is up to date with servicing & consider doing some low cost repairs: Small improvements like touching up scratches, dents or any broken parts aren't time consuming and could boost the appearance of your boat dramatically

  • Check if you need a roadworthy certificate: In some states, you will be required to provide a seaside certificate before selling your boat. It’s a good idea to check with your state’s road authority to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to make for a smooth sale
  • Contact your finance company: If your boat is under finance, you should contact your finance company to arrange for it to be paid out upon sale, also check out our helpcentre article on Selling a boat under finance 
  • Monitor your ad’s performance: boatsales will send you a weekly ad performance email. Keep an eye on this – if your ad is not attracting many views or if you haven’t received many enquiries, consider lowering your price and adding additional photos and comments. 
  • Know how to manage enquiries: Once your ad is live on boatsales, you’ll start to receive enquiries from potential buyers. To avoid being caught off guard, it’s a good idea to have a list prepared about your boat's history. Include details such as; your boat's hours or odometer reading, service record, number of previous owners, colours and extra features and make a note of any minor damages to report

Good luck!

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