My ad has been approved but I can't find my boat online?

If your ad has been approved then it should appear online.

So firstly you need to check the current status of your advert and make sure it has been approved. For more information on how to do this and an overview of the different ad status types, please click here.

Your advert is approved, details are correct, and still can’t find it?

How your search is structured and refined has an impact to where your vehicle will appear in those results.

This, along with other factors, such as your advert type will vary the results and position.

It might mean you were previously searching using the wrong criteria or possible have selected the wrong model, hull type etc. You can edit your ad at anytime to correct the details (This article could be handy too)

Another quick way to get directly to your ad is to run a keyword search on using your advert ID (SSE-AD-xxxxx).

If your ad still doesn't come up, please call customer service on 13 72 53.



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